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The COAA Band Organ Rally in St. Joseph, Michigan was a tremendous success! People attended from all over the Midwest. 30 Band Organs came despite the severe storms that hit the area several days earlier.

Band Organs, Band Organs, Band Organs! There has been a lot of excitement recently over band organs! They have been a hot seller! Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE FUN! And there are alot of events called Band Organ Rallies that you can take them to! On top of that you can rent them out and make money while you are having fun! Check out the fine restored Wurlitzer 146A that was just listed on the Items For Sale page! How many of you have heard a Kalliope disc music box? The Kalliope firm built fine disc music boxes in Leipzig, Germany. In their later years, around the turn of the century, they redesigned their music boxes to feature short bedplate mechanisms which allowed the case of the music box to act like a soundboard. The Kalliope discs featured great musical arrangements! One of these recently was found in Germany. It is a Style 107D playing 45 cm (17 3/4″) discs which is the largest and most deluxe table top Kalliope disc music box. I have heard it an it simply sounds GREAT! Other Kalliope disc music boxes will soon be available. If you are interested in learning more about these, contact […]

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Bruce Springsteen’s Band Organ!

I was recently contacted by the staff of Bruce Springsteen to consult on their band organ.  Bruce recently was given the band organ by two long time close friends and associates in memory of Terry Magovern, Bruce Springsteen’s late personal assistant.  The organ was built in the DeKleist Style by Bill Kromer of Pennsylvania.  It plays the style 125 roll.  Bruce Springsteen has long had an interest in Asbury Park, a historic amusement park New Jersey’s Atlantic coast and even moved a carousel to the vacant Asbury Park carousel pavilion for a video.  Bruce was thrilled to get the band organ and decided to take it on his current show!  On October 21, I went down to see the organ.  I drove up to the secured back door entrance.  The organ was mounted on a lift to take it up to stage level.  After going over the organ with the staff, I was invited to have dinner with the band.  On the way I met Bruce Springsteen and complimented him on the band organ!  I gave him and his staff two CD’s; one of Asbury Park’s Wurlitzer 157 courtesy of Chris Carlisle and the other of the Cushing’s Thursford Collection […]

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“Gypsy Queen” Gasparini Fair Organ Gets a New Home!

The famous Gypsy Queen Gasparini now has a new home playing for a beautiful restored carousel which is displayed with one of Americas fabulous car collections.  For years the Gypsy Queen fair organ was a featured attraction at Bellm’s Cars and Music.  Before that it was part of pioneer collector, Paul Eakins, collection and was featured on many many recordings.  This organ has 5 carved animated figures that add to the visual display.   The organ was built in Paris circa 1895.  Mechanical music adds life to the vintage car display and really enhances the atmosphere!  If you have a vintage car display consider adding mechanical music machines.

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The Continual Thrill of Mechanical Music!

I am here to tell you that the novelty, excitement, and enjoyment of mechanical music NEVER wears off! For most enthusiasts the interest lasts a lifetime.  Music machines are not static items, they perform for you.   They combine the arts of fine cabinetry, intriguing mechanism, and music.  A reporter for the Chicago Tribune called Mechanical Music the ULTIMATE interest!  Vintage arcade machines, slot machines, vintage cars, etc. are ENHANCED by adding mechanical music to a display because it gives the display life.  Once a mechanical music machine is restored, the fun begins as each roll, book, or disc becomes a NEW experience which is often educational.  For example if you have been raised on Rock music, your horizons get expanded to Classical music, concert waltzes, cake walks, one steps, fox trots, Ragtime, blues, etc.  And for your friends and guests you can demonstrate the instruments versatility though its library of music.  Also you can enjoy a basic nickelodeon as well as a complex orchestrion from just it musical presentation alone!  Recently carousel owner have rediscovered the fact that the carousel experience is enhanced 100% by adding a band organ!  It is like adding sound to the movie.

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Where is the Smart Money Being put These Days? In Hard Assets like Mechanical Music!

Since Wall Street entered its recent frothy ups and downs, people have been moving their money into hard assets from gold to antiques like mechanical music. So you have parked your funds from a 401K into the bank. Why not have some fun and profit and buy a mechanical music machine? And what a better way to enjoy the times than with a happy sounding mechanical musical instrument that will not melt into the carpet at the whim of speculative Wall Street! The smart people have put some of their money into mechanical music! Why not join them!

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Demonstration Mechanical Instruments

To most people mechanical music is an unknown.  Exposure and education are key to generating interest.  A person can literally go their whole lifetime without being exposed to mechanical music.  As many of you know, I have put on display at restoration locations, public festivals, libraries, and conventions instruments that give a three dimensional experience of representative examples of mechanical music which creates demand for the instruments I sell.  Nothing excites and generates interest like a first hand experience in mechanical music!  I maintain a group of mechanical musical instruments for this purpose.  If you have a high visibility secure display location that requires such an instrument, contact me and lets discuss the potential.

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Are you considering the purchase of a mechanical instrument from an dealer, or other seller? I will be happy to advise you on the piece.

Many enthusiasts, appraisers, and museums regularly seek my advise on mechanical musical instruments. You need advice especially if the item is expensive or unique. Take the time to contact me. All consultation is confidential. Do your due diligence!

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Auctions of Mechanical Music

It pays to have advice before you buy at an Auction especially if you are new to these items. I am here to educate you. It is so easy to get caught up in the auction atmosphere. Let my years of experience and encyclopedic knowledge work for you on these items. Shorten your learning curve by consulting with me first before you buy so that you do not make a costly mistake. If you buy an instrument at an auction, I can help you with post purchase details such as optimal display temperature and humidity, restoration and maintenance sources, music rolls, disc, and book music. If you want to convert the instrument to MIDI, I can assist you.

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Discover the Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina – The Ultimate in Automated Violin-Piano Music.

Stop! Before you buy a violin playing music machine, have you ever heard a beautifully restored Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina? Your answer is probably no. This is especially true for many coin-op collectors. Other violin playing machines are mere novelties when compared to the Phonoliszt Violina. The Hupfeld Violina is known for beautiful and well arranged music. The piano has a much broader range and plays with reproducing piano expression. The violins also express in a very human like way. The horse hair bow (with three thousand horse hairs) spins at various speeds and the violin greets the bow with various intensities as dictated by the rolls. The result is magnificent music! I have these instruments for sale. You don’t have to be an advanced collector to like one of these, you just have to enjoy superb music!

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Tourism Area Attractions, Gift Shops, Ice Cream Parlors, and Museums: Perfect Venues for Mechanical Music

Do you own a tourism location? You do have a perfect location for a music machine especially a coin operated coin piano or orchestrion! On a recent trip I visited various western themed gift shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors, etc. and informed them about vintage coin pianos for their location. Nearly all had no idea that such instruments exist! They were excited to learn about mechanical music and the profitable potential for their use. Year ago a many such locations did have instruments which were a success with visitors. The time has come to rekindle this use. Contact me and lets discuss an instrument for your tourism location.

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