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What do you think about buying mechanical instruments from Internet auction sites?

Caveat Emptor! or Let the buyer beware! I have watched items being sold on internet auction sites for several years now. I have seen many items that are over-described with reproduced or missing parts and displayed with poor pictures. Also some items are NEVER meant to be sold and are used as lost leaders to attract the viewer. Then there is “auction fever” where the bidder gets carried away and overpays. Then there are the “sniping” programs that force the last higher bid over yours. As a rule, the more expensive the item is, the more cautious you should be. Beware of those in the shadows who after bidding is closed, offer a sold instrument to you. I was once offered an instrument by 4 such shadow operators after the bidding was closed on an instrument. In other words, you REALLY have to know what you are doing and you have to exercise due diligence and caution.

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