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The Continual Thrill of Mechanical Music!

I am here to tell you that the novelty, excitement, and enjoyment of mechanical music NEVER wears off!
For most enthusiasts the interest lasts a lifetime.  Music machines are not static items, they perform for you.   They combine the arts of fine cabinetry, intriguing mechanism, and music.  A reporter for the Chicago Tribune called Mechanical Music the ULTIMATE interest!  Vintage arcade machines, slot machines, vintage cars, etc. are ENHANCED by adding mechanical music to a display because it gives the display life.  Once a mechanical music machine is restored, the fun begins as each roll, book, or disc becomes a NEW experience which is often educational.  For example if you have been raised on Rock music, your horizons get expanded to Classical music, concert waltzes, cake walks, one steps, fox trots, Ragtime, blues, etc.  And for your friends and guests you can demonstrate the instruments versatility though its library of music.  Also you can enjoy a basic nickelodeon as well as a complex orchestrion from just it musical presentation alone!  Recently carousel owner have rediscovered the fact that the carousel experience is enhanced 100% by adding a band organ!  It is like adding sound to the movie.

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