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Call: 630-269-3059

Music Items Wanted

mechanical music machines

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Mechanical Music Items Are Always Wanted!

Are you considering the sale of an item or a group of items?

Have you inherited an item or a group of instruments that you wish to sell?

Contact me regardless of condition or size. I am here to help you!

If you don’t know what to do, let me assist you and answer your questions!

Put my 30 years of experience to work for YOU!

Remember, it PAYS for you to contact me!

Telephone or E-mail Me Today!

In addition, e-mail or telephone me at 630-269-3059 if you have any of the following items for sale:


  • North Tonawanda 87 key Band Organ Rolls
  • Original Fairground Organ Figures
  • American Orchestrions and Nickelodeons Featuring Attractive Art Glass Panels
  • Seeburg Dog Race and Western Electric Horse Race Nickelodeons
  • Mills Violano Virtuosos
  • Cremona J Orchestrion
  • Cremona K Orchestrion
  • Cabinet Nickelodeons
  • Seeburg J Orchestrion
  • Decap Dance Organs
  • Mortier Dance Organ
  • Kalliope 45cm (17 3/4″) discs
  • Artizan Rolls
  • Original Seeburg G and H Rolls
  • Original Coinola O Rolls
  • Recut Duo-Art Rolls featuring popular songs
  • Coin Piano and Orchestrion Wall Boxes
  • Original Catalogs, Photos, & Literature relating to mechanical music machines
  • Store Display Automatons
  • Upright Slot Machines
  • French Automata
  • Pancake or “Flat” electric piano motors by Holtzer-Cabot, Emerson, and other makes or Telephone me at 630-269-3059 TODAY!

Free advice always given! Your Expert in Mechanical Music!