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Bruce Springsteen’s Band Organ!

I was recently contacted by the staff of Bruce Springsteen to consult on their band organ.  Bruce recently was given the band organ by two long time close friends and associates in memory of Terry Magovern, Bruce Springsteen’s late personal assistant.  The organ was built in the DeKleist Style by Bill Kromer of Pennsylvania.  It plays the style 125 roll.  Bruce Springsteen has long had an interest in Asbury Park, a historic amusement park New Jersey’s Atlantic coast and even moved a carousel to the vacant Asbury Park carousel pavilion for a video.  Bruce was thrilled to get the band organ and decided to take it on his current show!  On October 21, I went down to see the organ.  I drove up to the secured back door entrance.  The organ was mounted on a lift to take it up to stage level.  After going over the organ with the staff, I was invited to have dinner with the band.  On the way I met Bruce Springsteen and complimented him on the band organ!  I gave him and his staff two CD’s; one of Asbury Park’s Wurlitzer 157 courtesy of Chris Carlisle and the other of the Cushing’s Thursford Collection in England  After the dinner as the guest of him and his staff, I attended the show.   The United Center was filled to capacity including the main floor.  When the band organ came up and played, “The Man on the Flying Trapeze”, it was cheered and applauded by thousands from the moment it started to play!  The audience loved it!  With the spotlight on it, the organ played the whole song.  The audience kept on cheering during the whole song!  The audience response to the band organ was spectacular!  What an electric thrill for a band organ enthusiast such as myself!   The organ then descended below the stage, Bruce and the band came out and the show began!  The show was superb with Bruce and his famous E-Street Band performing many of their hits for the excited and enthusiastic fans.   Many thanks to Bruce Springsteen and staff for a great experience!  ALSO what great exposure to new generations of a BAND ORGAN!  By the time the tour is over this BAND ORGAN will set the record for having played to hundreds of thousands!  AND THE THOUSANDS CHEERED IT!  WOW!  Click the photo below for a picture tour of the event and the band organ.


Bruce Springsteen Band Organ at Chicago’s United Center

Its Great Dorset Steam Fair time again in England.  If you have not attended this event then you have really missed out on something great.  The Great Dorset Steam Fair is in my opinion a complete 1910 festival which features many vintage hobbies from draft horses, to steam engines, to vintage gasoline engines, models, and of course FAIR GROUND ORGANS!   I have attended this event several times and have not yet seen it all.  It covers 500 acres and attracts about 250,000 people a year!

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