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Are all Mechanical Music Dealers the Same?

No! What is most important is knowledge of the item, its history, and its condition. Not every dealer has a firm foundation in the mechanics and history of a piece of mechanical music or has worked in a prominent restoration shop as I have. Their lack of expertise will result in you making a bad purchase decision. Not every dealer understands music and is a trained musician as I am. I am generous with my time and give a lot back to the field of mechanical music. Few such as I have given numerous lectures and have written articles on mechanical music. Few such as I have been consulted by the top experts in the field. I freely offer my vast knowledge about the field of mechanical music to those who want to learn. If you want valuable insight into the world of mechanical music, then contact me with your questions about mechanical music! My knowledge of the mechanical music business is backed by a huge mechanical music archive that has taken years to build which fills numerous file cabinets! Enthusiasts have told me I am a “walking encyclopedia” on mechanical musical instruments of all types. And I am faster […]

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Announcing a GREAT Source for New Coin Piano and Orchestrion Rolls!

Announcing a GREAT Source for New Coin Piano and Orchestrion Rolls! John Motto-Ros is known by many mechanical music enthusiasts as the affable President of the Automatic Musical Instrument Collector’s Association or AMICA.  He has a passion for coin pianos.  An extension of the passion is his desire to have fine orchestrion and coin piano rolls recut.  They are cut on a state of the art perforator which literally makes them BETTER than the originals! Click Here To Go to John’s Roll Website

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Are you considering the purchase of a mechanical instrument from an dealer, or other seller? I will be happy to advise you on the piece.

Many enthusiasts, appraisers, and museums regularly seek my advise on mechanical musical instruments. You need advice especially if the item is expensive or unique. Take the time to contact me. All consultation is confidential. Do your due diligence!

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Auctions of Mechanical Music

It pays to have advice before you buy at an Auction especially if you are new to these items. I am here to educate you. It is so easy to get caught up in the auction atmosphere. Let my years of experience and encyclopedic knowledge work for you on these items. Shorten your learning curve by consulting with me first before you buy so that you do not make a costly mistake. If you buy an instrument at an auction, I can help you with post purchase details such as optimal display temperature and humidity, restoration and maintenance sources, music rolls, disc, and book music. If you want to convert the instrument to MIDI, I can assist you.

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Discover the Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina – The Ultimate in Automated Violin-Piano Music.

Stop! Before you buy a violin playing music machine, have you ever heard a beautifully restored Hupfeld Phonoliszt Violina? Your answer is probably no. This is especially true for many coin-op collectors. Other violin playing machines are mere novelties when compared to the Phonoliszt Violina. The Hupfeld Violina is known for beautiful and well arranged music. The piano has a much broader range and plays with reproducing piano expression. The violins also express in a very human like way. The horse hair bow (with three thousand horse hairs) spins at various speeds and the violin greets the bow with various intensities as dictated by the rolls. The result is magnificent music! I have these instruments for sale. You don’t have to be an advanced collector to like one of these, you just have to enjoy superb music!

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Tourism Area Attractions, Gift Shops, Ice Cream Parlors, and Museums: Perfect Venues for Mechanical Music

Do you own a tourism location? You do have a perfect location for a music machine especially a coin operated coin piano or orchestrion! On a recent trip I visited various western themed gift shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors, etc. and informed them about vintage coin pianos for their location. Nearly all had no idea that such instruments exist! They were excited to learn about mechanical music and the profitable potential for their use. Year ago a many such locations did have instruments which were a success with visitors. The time has come to rekindle this use. Contact me and lets discuss an instrument for your tourism location.

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