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This where we build the future with the exciting items of the past! 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  My goal is that you be an informed buyer.  Because of my depth of knowledge I will even fill you in on what I know about instruments I am not even offering!  Call me at 630-269-3059 with your questions.  Free advice always given!

Below are Examples of Vintage Items I Have Supplied:

  • Carousel Band Organs by WurliTzer, Artizan Factories, & The North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Works
  • European Fairground Organs by Gavioli, Limonaire, Gasparini, Ruth & Sohn, Gebrueder Bruder, Wilhelm Bruder, Alfred Bruder, Gaudin, & Richter
  • Dance Organs by Mortier, Decap, Bursens, and Duwyn
  • Nickelodeons and Orchestrions by Seeburg, WurliTzer, Berry Wood, WurliTzer, Nelson-Wiggens, Coinola, Peerless, Cremona, Hupfeld, Philipps, Popper, Weber, Losche, Imhof & Mukle, Seybold, & Welte
  • Automatic Violin Players by Mills Novelty Company of Chicago and Hupfeld of Leipzig, Germany.  I always have a Mills Violano Virtuoso for sale!
  • Upright Disc and Cylinder Music Boxes by Nicole Freres, Polyphon, Symphonion, Regina, Capitol, Lochmann, Komet, Kalliope, Orpheus, Fortuna, Mermod, OSMA & Palliard
  • Calliopes by National, WurliTzer, and Tangley
  • I can also supply Vintage Carousels by:  Philadelphia Toboggan Company, Dentzel, Spillman, etc.
  • Also: Automata, Penny Arcade Machines, Upright Slot Machines, Steam Engines, Tower Chimes, Tower Clocks, & Unique Mechanical Antiques!

Would you like to acquire, sell, or learn about a

Band Organ, Orchestrion, Calliope, Fairground Organ,

Street Organ, Dance Organ, Disc Music Box,

Cylinder Music Box, Automaton, Mills Violano Virtuoso, or a Nickelodeon?

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